When it comes to food- India excels in not just the different variety of food it has to offer but also in the different categories of food that it offers. In fact so much so that every Indian state has its own cuisine and spices. One such category of food that is evidently very popular with every Indian and enjoyed unanimously throughout India is the famous INDIAN STREET FOOD. A popular food choice amongst the locals, Indian Street food is unique to every state and every city. These street foods are scrumptious and mouthwatering.
Indian Street Food & Co has been incorporated with the same feeling and emotion. It is an endeavor to take you back on that journey of tasting finger licking, lip smacking-ly good Indian Street food to set your tummy on a roll. If this doesn’t already convince you to be here, we do not know what will. So come join us on this journey and let us take you on a foodilicious trip that you will never forget!